Visit of Mie University Japan to IPB University: Strengthening Cooperation in the Field of Biodiversity


Visit of Mie University Japan to IPB University: Strengthening Cooperation in the Field of Biodiversity

A delegation from Mie University Japan has visited IPB University with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the field of biodiversity. The delegation of Mie University was led by Prof. T. Sakai, as Vice President and Executive Director for Collaborative and Research of Mie University. In addition, the delegation from Mie University consisted of Prof. M. Tsukada (Head of International Exchange Committee, Graduate School of Bioresources), Asocc. Prof. F. Okazaki (Laboratory of Quality in Marine Products), and several staff. The cooperation discussion took place in the LPPM Conference Room, Andi Hakim Nasution Building, Bogor, on December 5, 2023.

In the meeting, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria as Rector of IPB, Dr. Berry Juliandi, as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Prof. Dr. Mala Nurilmala from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Prof. Dr. Anuraga Jayanegara as Director of the Directorate of Strategic Studies and Academic Reputation, Dr. Eva Anggraini as Director of the Directorate of Global Connectivity, Drh. Dordia Rotinsulu, M.Sc. Dordia Rotinsulu, M.Si as Assistant Director of International Program Services, and Alfiasari, M.Si, as Assistant Director of International Education. IPB Rector said that IPB and Mie University should strengthen and expand the areas of collaboration in education, research, and community service.

Prof. M. Tsukada supported the joint degree cooperation between IPB and Mie University. Joint degree programs allow for curriculum integration and increased learning experience for students. In addition, it is also necessary to increase collaboration in the field of research between Mie University and IPB. Prof. Okazaki has an interest in IPB’s microbiology biodiversity. He hopes that there will be research collaboration with IPB in the future.

IPB and Mie University are committed to advancing the field of biodiversity between Japan and Indonesia. “We can form an educational consortium with Mie University”, said Prof. Anuraga. Prof. Mala added, “Collaboration related to biological resources with Japanese companies for IPB student internships has so far been implemented. Other forms of cooperation that can be developed are joint guest lecture and summer course programs.” All parties hope that this collaboration can expand IPB’s network at the international level, especially in the Asian region. (DKG)