Advocating the Importance of Aquatic Animal Health, SVMBS IPB Receives Visit from Michigan State University

2024-02-12 (016)

Advocating the Importance of Aquatic Animal Health, SVMBS IPB Receives Visit from Michigan State University

Bogor, February 12th 2024. Aquatic fauna play an important role in humanity’s day-to-day life. These animals provide humans with essential sources such as food, medicine, and raw materials. Although life below the sea plays a large part in human civilization, the study of protecting this frontier still relatively lacking in the international community. With that, IPB University’s Directorate of Global Connectivity, in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, as well as the Global Health Agromaritime and One Health Collaborating Center, held a series of activities to raise awareness for veterinary students on the field of aquatic animal health. This event was initiated as part of the current collaboration between IPB and MSU under the AsiaHub consortium.

The activities featured Dr. Bartolomeo Gorgoglione, an internationally recognized scientist dedicated to fish pathobiology and immunology, who conducted various discussions to all levels of veterinary students and faculty. Beginning with student associations, Dr. Bartolomeo, a past president of the World Veterinary Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA), explained on the benefits of establishing a WAVMA Student Chapter in IPB and future educational opportunities as a WAVMA member. The student associations involved in the discussion were Pets, Aquatic, and Exotic Animals (HKSA), Wild Animals (SATLI), and the student executive board (BEM). “In line with our scientific interests, namely Aquatic Animals, it is an extraordinary opportunity for HKSA to be accommodated to discuss Aquatic Medicine with an expert from the field. Our discussion with Dr. Bartolomeo opens up future insights and relationships regarding Aquatic Medicine which is still very minimal in Indonesia, thank you very much!” says the Head of the HKSA Student Association, Athaya Sekar Ramadhani.

Continuing into the afternoon, Dr. Bartolomeo also gave a general lecture to students and lecturers on how to catch international career opportunities in working on fish pathogens. He closed his session with an enlightening introduction on aquatic animal medicine research programs available for veterinary medicine students looking into pursuing further experience in aquatic animal medicine. The lecture was well received and the event ended with enthusiastic Q&A.

This event serves as a followup of the plan for future collaborative activities in 2024 between IPB and MSU’s AsiaHub, solidifying the shared commitment on advancing partnerships across Asia and the world on the frontiers of knowledge to address global challenges on food and agriculture, education and capacity building, health and nutrition, and environment, water, and energy.