International Technology Transfer Symposium


International Technology Transfer Symposium

Technology transfer consists of the following successive processes: following the technological developments in the world, knowledge, skills, machinery, selecting technologies such as products, services, etc., importing the selected technologies into the country, adapting the imported technologies to national conditions and needs and starting production, developing and disseminating the technology. Therefore, technology transfer involves understanding, adapting, developing, and diffusing acquired technologies. The mission of Technology Transfer Offices is to ensure the qualified follow-up and comprehensive provision of these processes.

The “International Technology Transfer Symposium,” which will be held hybrid for the first time in our country by Ondokuz Mayıs University Technology Transfer Office on 6-8 May 2024 (you can make your presentation on any day you wish), is a symposium where researchers, academics, industry professionals, experts and students from different countries will share their experiences and research results, discuss the challenges and solutions that can be produced.

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