IPB University Gives Orientation Briefing for SUIJI-SLP 2024

IPB University Gives Orientation Briefing for SUIJI-SLP 2024

IPB University Gives Orientation Briefing for SUIJI-SLP 2024

The Directorate of International Education, IPB University held an orientation briefing for the participants of the Six University Initiative Japan Indonesia-Service Learning Program (SUIJI-SLP) in 2024. This activity was held at AM Satari Building, IPB Dramaga Campus, on 29 February 2024.

SUIJI-SLP is a collaborative programme of three universities in Indonesia namely IPB University, Gadjah Mada University and Hasanuddin University with three universities in Japan such as Ehime University, Kochi University and Kagawa University.

Director of International Education, Puji Mudiana, said SUIJI-SLP was attended by 32 participants, including 8 Japanese students and 24 IPB University students. This programme carries a community service approach that considers local culture and customs.

“This year SUIJI-SLP will be held at the Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP) Pasir Sarongge, Cianjur which is one of the ATPs owned by IPB University. SUIJI-SLP is also attended by two professors from Japan, Hirotoshi Tamura from Kagawa University and Shingo Akaike from Kochi University,” he said.

“This programme will run until 11 March 2024. I hope this programme can have a more powerful impact at the global level and give a more meaningful experience to all participants,” he said.

Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs of IPB University, Prof Deni Noviana said IPB University was very honoured to be the coordinator of SUIJI-SLP in 2024. This programme can integrate new educational strategies in Indonesia with innovative approaches from a Japanese cultural perspective.

“We want IPB University’s role as coordinator to have a significant impact, strengthening the partnership that has existed for decades between Japan and Indonesia,” he said.

Prof Deni also added that SUIJI-SLP has an important role in the development of new knowledge and can contribute to a positive impact on society in both countries.

“For the 2024 SUIJI-SLP participants, take advantage of the opportunity to learn and study culture in a multicultural atmosphere. I am sure it will be a life-changing experience,” he explained. (dr/Lp) (IAAS/RSL)

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