The 2nd UN Ocean Decade Regional Conference & 11th WESTPAC International Marine Science Conference

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The 2nd UN Ocean Decade Regional Conference & 11th WESTPAC International Marine Science Conference

These conferences were  hosted by the Government of Thailand, held in Bangkok, Thailand, 22-25 April 2024.  The purposes of the conference were to present, share and exchange the latest scientific knowledge, identify knowledge gaps, and explore transformative ocean science solutions. A session consists of oral and poster presentations.

The theme of these conference were Accelerating ocean science solutions for sustainable development is the resolute voice of 1,200 participants resonated throughout theses conference.  The following common priority issues of countries in the region as follow : Ocean processes and climate change; Marine biodiversity conservation, seafood safety and security, blue economy; Ocean ecosystem and public health; Knowledge for emerging ocean issues and cross-cutting topics.  For decade ocean incubators were useful to catalyze partnerships, strengthen dialogue from ocean knowledge generators to knowledge users, initiate co-designing processes, facilitate the development of potential Decade programmes or projects.  For the decade ocean workshops were to allow UN Ocean Decade Actions, including those which have a focus on the region, to bring together Action partners, review their development progress, catalyze new partnerships, and deliberate on action plans.

Over 40 countries came to these conference and the presented about ocean priority issues in the region  of 25 Scientific Session, 13 Decade Action Workshops and 11 Decade Action Incubators.

In these conferences, Prof Henry M. Manik presented the importance of ocean observation using underwater acoustics and marine instrumentation for sustainable marine protected area in Indonesian Seas.

A Special Forum on the South China Sea,  held in collaboration with UNEP/GEF SCS SAP project, reviewed the project scientific findings. A discussion centered on the outcomes of the Barcelona Conference and the Decade Vision 2030, offering insights and actional recommendations to tackle ocean priority issues in the region towards sustainable development. Development in marine science and technology, such as marine ecological ranching and the ocean satellite were also presented. Early Career and Mid-Career Ocean Professionals  Statement (ECOPs and MCOPs), and the Bangkok Declaration was the side event topics in these conferences.

Lastly, the Government of the Philippines will host the 12th WESTPAC International Marine Science Conference and the 3rd UN Ocean Decade Regional Conference in 2027.